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tv   Headline News  RT  August 29, 2014 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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headlines this hour on our teeth international bloody middle britain says you can't be an army leaders have decided to let a group of their encircled troops fall to their way out of instead of accepting an offer to meet peacefully this isn't called a hard look in the state. this as a ukrainian city of donetsk that comes under a new bar job on the shelling leaving at least three people dead a correspondent witnessed the aftermath. and libya's seizes interim government to dissolve as the islamist militias gain strength cost the country we take a look at the allegations external forces are fighting
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a proxy war and. ai. the large international live from moscow is just compiles three pm with me to say. right russia's president says army commanders in ukraine are willing to let their troops fight their way out of encirclement it's not accepting an offer to hand over their weapons and leave through a humanitarian corridor buddha was speaking at a youth forum in central russia. busted him so much according to the latest information ukraine's army leaders have taken a decision not to let people out of this boiling cattle but into government forces are trying to broaden the humanitarian corridor for them to leave the area without a fight i think is a colossal mistake could lead to many human lives being lost president putin had
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earlier called on the militia in eastern ukraine to release then circle soldiers to avoid pointless casualties the anti-government forces agree to that saying the troops will be given a safe way out of on condition that they hand over their heavy weapons. gran's can just we are ready to provide humanitarian corridor for ukrainian soldiers on the condition that they hand over heavy weaponry and ammunition so it's in the future these weapons can be used against us with. ukraine's president says moscow and kiev was set to begin consultation on how to patrol the border together so if the before that petro poroshenko had accused russia of invading ukraine the details now from policy in eastern ukraine. the country's president petro poroshenko directly accused russia of invading his country but later he suggested that there be some kind of cooperation between the two countries in terms of joint missions
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where ukrainian and russian soldiers would patrol the ukrainian russian border together so we are getting these kind of mixed messages out of kiev on thursday was heavy shelling here in downtown donates the local authorities say that three civilians were killed just moments after their shells hit we went to the same two of the city. we here and what was a small market right in the city center of damascus you can see the rocket has hit the whole flight the whole facade of the bolding people that were killed while waking up at the local bus station here she got up looked at a little boy allegedly before the video looks a little tougher to look a lot look here shoot her brother could get a little credit where one person last night hates being covered but his shooting he can i think that i'm going through those in the distance so what happened that you
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still do you know it was the duty of a dormir from the spirit but this is the point corey if you will throughout that this is the you know just the ballpark the doctor says a woman lying on the ground here she's being killed she was the work her ankle small stall she was hit by the impact. all the rockets and the gloss. off the bodies being blown away and we're waiting now for an ambulance to come and take you to the mall. the ball or the smoke is no good if women use one and this is this is one of the residential buildings that has been hit people are coming back now to clean up their apartments and to see what he means this is a bomb shelter everything here which is top of by a door knob nobody is inside at the moment but immediately off to the rockets way and people came time to put some sort or girders nurtured to see if the earth as large as there were didn't see the material if. it is now the sound of incoming artillery so we can get out of here what some people are telling us is that is an
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army barracks in the vicinity and they think that the ukrainian army was aiming for that rather than these residential buildings points here on t.v. downtown donetsk. moscow has reached an agreement with kiev to send in a second batch of humanitarian aid from russia foreign minister sergei lavrov says authorities signed specter to put in place security guarantees over the coming days the latest u.n. figures said two thousand six hundred people have died in ukraine since kids military operation began and u.s. president barack obama has blamed russia all of islands in the ukraine. we agree if there was ever any doubt that russia is responsible for the by a once in eastern ukraine. the accusations came shortly after the u.n. security council held an emergency meeting on ukraine the u.s. ambassador presented headcase of the council members sparking an angry response from russia's envoy one of the separatist leaders that russia has armed and backed
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said openly the three or four thousand russian soldiers have joined their cause he was quick to clarify that these soldiers were on vacation. but a russian soldier who chooses to fight in ukraine on his summer break is still a russian soldier yet still according to the russian government the soldiers were never there. grahame years no one is hiding the fact that they are russian volunteers in ukraine we would like to see similar transparency shown by other countries maybe our american colleagues can tell us what dozens of their advisors are doing in the building of ukraine security council's or how many so-called mercenaries from their so-called military enterprises and more thousands of kilometers away from their land where did the ukrainian security forces get the cutting edge american weapons not funny anymore that was the response from the defense ministry in moscow after
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a major release satellite pictures it claims russian troops inside ukraine these are the images that nato has presented as proof pictures apparently show russian self propelled a tillery units moving into in a convoy through ukraine's territory about images allegedly show activity in russia's adjacent to the ukrainian border something they to says as part of what's going to destabilize and strategy that will make adams executive director at the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity shed his fourth. well i think these were released by the same they were taken by the same companies that the u.s. had used to release satellite information about m h seventeen the malaysian air flight the existence of guns by the rebels in ukraine and so i think it has very dubious credibility it's a private firm i don't think it shows anything i don't think what most people in the west understand is that everyone on both sides with the exception of some ukrainians having american weapons but everyone is using russian weapons the line
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of russian tanks means nothing because we don't have the information to tell us where it came from as to whether russia has troops on its border it's inside its border you know their businesses so that if we had unrest on the border with mexico here in the u.s. you'd be sure we'd have a military presence there to make sure our borders were secure. claims by the ukrainian president that russia had invaded his country so many media outlets take up the story and run with that and as you can looks at some of the coverage. panic alert in western media after key of twitter that russia invaded ukraine when reports started coming in that fighting broke out between the rebels and ukrainian forces in the port town of. many were quick to claim that it's russia's doing what seems to be happening on the ground however is that russian troops of pushing in from russia photos of tanks emerged in social media with nothing to suggest that
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they were operated by russian soldiers kill you put out this video claiming it's a russian. zone but while journalists were grappling with the new developments and struggling with the pronunciation of the town that was supposedly being invaded this is no bus got u.s. and nato officials pushed ahead with accusing russia of deploying more than one thousand troops and heavy artillery into ukraine last week ukraine called russia's delivery of humanitarian aid in eastern ukraine an invasion this week it accused moscow of quote unquote a full scale invasion the western media that is generally not putting much distinction between rebels and washer quickly picked up that side of the story that is despite the fact that this thursday the ois see which is now monitoring the russian border with ukraine said they saw no evidence of russian troops and tanks crossing the border the u.n. said it could not independently verify the reports of the russian invasion but
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a u.n. security council meeting was called upon where its western members push to hold russia responsible russia stop this conflict but we've never heard the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. call on key to stop bombing its own people in washington i'm going to r.t. . the foreign press association in london has become the latest organization calling for information on a russian journalist she's been missing uniquely. in for over three weeks now it's said under a stand in must be released if he's being held by security forces the group also said all media should be allowed to cover the ukrainian conflict freely and without harassment for a correspondent standing disappeared in eastern ukraine or gets the fifth with online users setting up a campaign carrying the hash tag free andrew. then
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the national monetary fund says ukraine is so far on track to receive further financial aid later today the i.m.f. will discuss the next one point four billion dollar handout it over to get the money ukraine was told to raise tariffs for gas electricity and other utilities while at the same time freezing pensions and wages and raising taxes and there are now additional conditions they include slashing tax benefits for agriculture allowing banks to repossess property by complying with the demands is hard for the country that's already in what can be described as an economic freefall the country's g.d.p. shrunk almost five percent in the second quarter of this year with major firms losing ten billion dollars over the first half of the year but over the same time last year they were several hundred million in profit ukraine's national currency the greve now is losing value the authorities has said the economy would be
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unsustainable if the currency falls to more than twelve dollars to the dollar well it's now thirteen and a half or street analysts michael hudson believes ukraine is gearing straight into the financial peace. ukraine that's not meeting the i.m.f. condition or is the i.m.f. meeting its own condition under the i.m.f. articles of agreement it's not a lot just lend money to a country that is unable to pay the repayment of these demands is going to force the ukrainian currency way down they're going to make imports much more expensive for ukrainians they're going to increase the cost of living the government will withdraw the price supports for gas and for other essential so the cost of living will go off unemployment will rise the ukrainians are going to be leaving to the west and to the east because the economy will be killed by the conditions of this level and this is what the i.m.f.
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economists inside internally have been complaining about they said wait a minute the i.m.f. loan to greece we've already seen that it tore the greek economy of clark you know you're doing the same thing with ukraine so if you want to see what will happen in ukraine look at what happened after two thousand and twelve to the i.m.f. loan be creased it's a disaster. libya descends into the worst turmoil since the wall that all said gadhafi back in twenty eleven that as the interim government resigns and. also is coming up expert opinion on who's behind the level force is tearing the country up . and the big toys the big boys as we head to moscow the dazzling twenty fourteen cars show you check out what's been rolled out by chinese and western companies sanctions the no sanctions.
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different leaders in syria now many of the members of congress of both parties have done in recent months has a. great deal. which is diddy's telling you you can. still be against syria it's going to be so obvious to. the stories we cover here you're not going to hear anyone other big story that extra headlines and talk there's a reason they don't want to do not. want to raise that we think. now let's break the set. thanks so.
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much. thank you for staying with us here on our team to national libya's interim government has resigned after islamists tied into the group in the country pushing it towards the worst crisis since twenty eleven this comes days after militias declared a breakaway regime to rival the elected parliament let me remain split between two rival camps one controlled by the islamist backed rebel factions the other by khalifa haftar who's a u.s. citizen and rogue general from the gadhafi era so on one side is unless the islamist militias are receiving support from turkey and qatar and on the other the current regime is apparently backed by egypt and the arab emirates who both reportedly carried out air strikes against militia positions last week political
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writer and journalist dan gray's broad shoulders the conflict in the country has turned into a proxy war. libya's been turned from being before twenty eleven a linchpin of regional stability to a safe haven actually for sectarian death squads and militias of all kinds from around the region britain and the u.s. both are huge dealers to the qatari regime and qatar is the one who is arming the militias that are causing such chaos in libya and then if there was to start arming forces allied to tell if they have to be arming both sides affectively one directly or the other in daraa which would so the seeds for permanent kind of civil war situation which by the way would probably suit the interests of the british and us ruling elites very well because their fundamental goal consistently over the past three years has been to try to prevent the reemergence of libya as an independent regional power. this is how the polish struggle in libya has unfolded
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this in may the rogue culliver have to launch a counter offensive against islamists you trying to bring them under control and in june of there was any legend but straight after a number of officials defected to the islamists and formed a parallel government last month an islamic emirate was declared in benghazi and tripoli airport was sieged when they finally took control of the airport the month this month the central government asked for foreign help and at the u.n. security council runs that libya will slide into further chaos without international airport. now some more news from around the world now demonstrators upset over the dismissal of workers at a u.s. run air base in spain occupied city hall overnight in the town of little add up the purchases held banners saying american layouts the base is a one of the largest u.s. air force bases in spain is used by both countries activists accuse the company
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that manages it of taking advantage of economic difficulties and cutting labor costs and terminating contracts with little notice. one hundred thirty activists have been arrested and several detained during a rally outside the white house were demanding the u.s. president implemented immigration reforms by the end of the summer the crowds were angry at the continued depart a sure no one documented immigrants march was part of a nation day of action with similar approaches held in twenty other cities across the. former general motors workers in colombia have sworn at their mouths shut outside the american embassy to pressure the upper maker to compensate them for work related injuries they say this suffering from deep militating conditions caused by their work and the company is trying to avoid paying medical benefits since twenty levon protests
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have included a hunger strike and workers this is find it very themselves. false friends be where i am if you're wearing anything made by added this activists say there's the potential for the company to track your every move for example the replica kid for the german national football team which is one of the company's best sellers but fans probably don't know exactly what they're getting now let's take a closer look at what is this and wanted bog customers unknowingly taking with them now this device is a radio frequency identification chip which is used to help with logistics but now they've been put in consumer products to the chips barely noticeable and at this denies they can track any individuals but consume a previously experts lives make entire says potential users are worrying.
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unfortunately the consortium of major corporations around the world and even governments are very interested in tracking people and it's all about profit they figure if they can know everything about somebody where they go their habits who they know then they can make money off of that when these tags go home with consumers on the things they wearing carry these consumers can be tracked these these are if i do tags have unique identification numbers and the plan is for every item on the planet at one at some point to have one of these numbers in it and if you think about it well it's just a number there are lots of things that are just numbers for example social security numbers are just numbers bank account numbers are just numbers but we have the sense not to put them on our t. shirts and walk around with those because people could abuse that information about us and so it's a very invasive technology and let me say this is just. the beginning we've got plenty more stories for you online including at the risk of death is no reason to
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miss out on some fun with guns at least that's what one powerful you a gun lobby think this one day after a nine year old girl accidentally shot and killed shooting instructor a lot he came up with seven ways children can have fun at the shooting range find out more on this story at our team dot com. also while you're there and during the swimmer go to shop when he climbed out of the english channel because the u.k. border police waiting with the. adult tale to arrest him has an illegal immigrant. also insisting moscow is not doing enough to ease tensions in ukraine washington is preparing more economic sanctions against russia the sentiment was echoed by german chancellor angela merkel is that the e.u. is also considering whether to step up its restrictions and we've already there are many politicians who consider this policy counterproductive and the number is
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growing. as. does first different sanctions and a trade war i know means improving the situation on the contrary we have a spirit of his coalition that turns to german and european economists my experience is that many people rejected the sanctions right from the start they have their rightful feeling that this is not the way to achieve anything. and vice versa sanctions are always prove that the political means failed they are useless and they are harming the population sanctions always lead to losses on both sides you can already see the backlash from the sanctions but in the next couple of months it will be even more obvious now that i'm back on bond from the beginning it was the wrong approach because sanctions escalated the situation and did not ease the tensions and the sky it was clear when the you impose sanctions that there would be a counter reaction and the stakes would be raised and now because of that a lot of entrepreneurs as well as the general public in germany has been affected
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by that. one place you'd be hard pushed to spot the ill effect of sanctions is moscow's glittering twenty four thousand cars a european enjoy nice manufacturers of rolled out some of the latest models and say parts of the market in russia who make our case katie peel them up behind the wheel . with all the classic cars and gorgeous women you would be forgiven for thinking that the constant threat of global sanctions against it also wasn't mainly a feature hey all the fuck but the car industry is taking a little bit of a slump at the moment it's a bit of a rocky ride a bus the bus market is still one that everyone here wants to tap into and that's the case in about five years time and that's a bit like the german one that has the biggest in the us if we didn't take sanctions in mind this made the german industry hit by about twenty five bucks i spoke to the company and they don't seem to think i'm
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a fan my brother optimistic about basis. to remain absolutely dedicated to our strategy of growth in russia we believe that differently and the growth is still going to continue over the next few months in years to come and then when you look at it two over two million vehicles are being sold in russia right now which is still one of the top automotive markets in the world now there is talk about sykes being imposed upon the car industry if it plays now this one that foreign policy companies that produced that big pay we've got some eighty percent of them some talk about so yourself for this town but it would have that the impulse of compassion it's not something that the modified to split up the sickly enthused about there would be some policy or they all too industrial from russia garments they already start for a bit to eat or something europe brands from europe to russia and. there will be some next year in the market i think we can see some space and we can
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launch our new bobs as well that secular that stuff that is still growing and that's the luxury like well the russians i love it. shouldn't have a bit of looks or it for sure they do. we're very happy here with a healthy market share so we. typically have over thirty percent to about a tree bark it to the automobile sector they want the very best whatever they buy this is the best and most days international film fall is still set to be a week old with more boy clothes on side than ever before knowing global premieres on around one million visitors expected still well it's enough to drive the markets . coming up with abby mountain and breaking the facts you stay with us.
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i know a famous politician is tweeting that a foreign government is using excessive force against protesting citizens does this mean we're going to see yet another intervention to democratise their government into the dirt like in iraq or libya wait wait nothing is going to happen because that politician is russian but why is this so why can the police beat up or terrorize protesters in some countries but in others if you lift one finger you're going to get a nato lesson in human rights well the answer simple this tweet any attempts to intervene from do a member of a push go what happened because unlike what they tell you in school might does it make right for you young ones out there old grandpa kirby remembers the cold war and back when there were two great powers they had to at least behave well to woo people into believing that one side were the good guys now that's all gone the
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problem is they mano polar world that we live in heck if the u.s. still had to deal with soviet or some other propaganda we would never see as much footage of flagrant police misconduct that we do now absolute power corrupts absolutely and the geo political monopoly that we all live in really isn't good for the average person in or outside of america especially if they want to protest but that's just my opinion.
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going to break in the set i'm abby martin so this past weekend tens of thousands of activists and countries around the world took to the streets to protest the continued israeli aggression on the gaza strip and paris demonstrators were met with tear gas and rubber bullets of they defied a recent ban on pro palestinian protests and not by the french government and five thousand people surrounded the israeli embassy and pasted photos of dead gazan children to its walls in south africa thousands marched in capetown in durban demanding that the government expel the israeli ambassador in the wake of the
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country's ground invasion of gaza that has locked scores of civilians dead and in the u.s. thousands of activists rallied from washington d.c. to salman disco to condemn the ongoing. and call for obama to put an end to the three plus billion dollars in military aid this country gives israel every year so as we continue to hear the horrific news coming out of gaza remember that perhaps nothing is more powerful than a global demonstration of solidarity because the stronger and the louder our voices get eventual e our leaders will have no choice but to listen now let's break this out. a. very. sad sack with their.


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